What is Local Law 87?

Local Law 87

Local Law 87 is not only mandatory but also useful for managers and owners. The process of Local Law 87 (ll87) helps people identify their energy use and can help you lower it saving money and staying in compliance with the law.

Local Law 87 requires NYC Buildings that are 50,000 square feet or more to have a professional evaluate their space and that the results are then filed as a report to The New York City Department of Buildings.

There are two parts to Local Law 87, Energy Audit Requirements, and                    Retro-Commissioning Requirements.

Energy Audit Requirements

A test of the building’s systems to find wasted energy and it will be reported to the building owner and filed with The New York City Department of Buildings.

Retro-Commissioning Requirements

This is a test of the buildings simplest systems to make sure they are functioning as hoped.  Items that are non-functioning will be brought to the building owners attention in a report.  Any work done to fix these items will be filed with The New York City Department of Buildings.

Most other companies offer this at a very high price, but we make every penny spent, worth it.  Bonded Energy Solutions is signed up with The Department of Buildings energy auditing and retro-commissioning.  We are one of the leaders doing both of these audits thousands of times for over 30 years.

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